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This application is required for all managers and coaches. Filling out this application does not give approval for team assignment. A team will only be assigned when this form is received, and approved by the Board. You will receive a phone call and email once approved.  All league representatives will be subject  to background checks

I understand that this is just an application requesting permission to Manage/Coach with the ECGSL. I have read the code of conduct, and all the by-laws (section 3.2), and agree to put forth the best effort for the girls. I understand failure to follow written directives can result in suspension, and or removal from the league. The Board is a publicly elected Board, and is empowered by the by-laws to make these decisions. I further agree, that if I take any legal action against the league, or any board member in junction with a league decision, which is not accepted by the court, rejected or ruled against by the court, I will reimburse the league for any legal fees and expenses encountered.

I also agree to return any equipment issued from the ECGSL at the end of the season. Failure to do so, would affect my managing/coaching status for the next season.

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